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Wartune Anniversary mails and info from you!

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  • Wartune Anniversary mails and info from you!


    You send us mails and give us info about your celebration, go there, do that etc.

    Is it not time that you give us something without compete about it?

    We always have to do something for YOU to get something.

    And you send us info that is hard to follow to, for example:

    The mail we got in Game, Click on Game Options, then do this and that!?!?!?

    When we finaly find out where you want us to go, there is no rewards, except for competitions thingie
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    Best Regards,


    Character Type: Mage
    Guild: Ragnarok
    Server: S213 - Felmarsh
    Platform: R2Games
    Client: Mini Client

    P.S Yes, I am a very angry customer as of now, since I have been treated like a dead ant in the woods by the DEVS D.S

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    nothing on facebook yet.
    ING: Eukkie changed name to â€*Evilâ€*Witchâ€*, changed it back to Eukkie
    Server: S444 Silent Arena
    Char: Knight
    Lvl: 80
    Br: 6m and crowing.
    Main Sylph: Arise
    Guard: Oracle


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      im happy with your celebration but im sad because i have many treasure boxes and no mount inside i want mount... nnow i have 127 treasure how can i obtain 800 for mount please reward me a mount