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Eudamon Shards

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  • Eudamon Shards

    Hello Wartune comunity, I'm here to make a suggest to game managers, why don't you release a new way of getting Eudamon Shards?
    curremtly they are very difficult to get, since the only way to get them is by the Bounty Tragets, and Eudamon Shards
    have a very rare rate of showing, so I was thinking you should put them elsewhere, to purchase them for the ones who
    are VIP or to get them free for the ones who aren't VIP, like releasethem at Shop and at Wild Shop or even at farm, to create them
    as we create Mahra or Training Whips. Well, that's all for now, I hope you can help us in that way, greetting everyone, have
    a great time!