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Why is there no way to convert magic hammers to Voodoo Hammers?

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  • Why is there no way to convert magic hammers to Voodoo Hammers?

    Why is it that there is no way to convert your magic hammers to Voodoo hammers anymore?

    I cant use the magic hammers in Voodoo event

    Plz if there is anyway to make it so next Voodoo Hammer event have a way to convert Magic hammers would be nice

    And if u announce that is gonna be the final time u can convert so other that still have Magic Hammers know that u cant change em after the event

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    I don't believe you can get magic hammers any more but they had an event to exchange them like a month ago. If you didn't do it then then its your lost.
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      You could still get them after the last exchange.


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        no you coulldnt you havent been able to get them for months


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          the last one was 4-6 weeks ago where it also mentioned that it is the last one from what i remember


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            Magic hammers have ceased to fall in the game any longer. There have been an exchange or two in the past but alas, those as well have ended. If you are still in possession of magic hammers please submit a support ticket so they can try to help you with the situation.
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              eu ganhei no cloud os martelos mas nao teve evento d troca e ta la na bag ocupando espaço triste isso nao!!!!