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Video lvl 55MP Terraton's Lair

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    So thats why you got tougher from last time... :-) cheers!

    Thanks for putting up the videos.

    By the way, where did you get Therion-Sand Rider mount?
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      Originally posted by Bigblete View Post
      It helps a lot on the minibosses and last boss. It can also be good for PvP, depending on your group makeup and opponent classes.

      Hey franznoheart, trust me, I really know the feeling, rushing to level up, to then have to wait for others to get high level enough, and by the time they get there, you get close to no XP cause too high level for the said instance. Been there, done that..

      About my level, well I JUST hit level 61. Beware starting tomorrow if against us in GA: I just got the Therion-Sand Rider mount (+100 all stats) along with the arena mount(+50 all stats). That gave a BIG boost in my stats, as my mount level was horrible until now. See ya in arena!
      well im just hit 60 also.. maybe tomo will be 61.. im not a Guild leader,but my mage there using therion and both of us crusader horsy also..
      im just cant wait for new patch 55 set and 60jewel,we ya see in arena again xD