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Free Balen while watching a Video.

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  • Free Balen while watching a Video.

    You used to be able to watch a video and get free balen.

    But now when i go to the page where i used to be able to do that
    i get redirected to this.

    Now you can do some free stuff but no more watching video's.

    anybody know where i can do that know or is that just been removed ?

  • #2
    It hasn't been removed, it's still there:

    If you have no videos available in there, that is dependent on the companies giving the offers, and your country. If you would like to read more about the free offers, please browse through *this page*.
    Retired Moderator.


    • #3
      I have seen that whakapono.

      but i checked them all and no Video options.
      there alway's was 1 that worked on the old page.
      but now all this new stuff nothing works or it's a huge virus or spam . .


      • #4
        It's most likely the region you're living in. I have the same for my region. However these offers are out of R2Games hands, as it is the companies offering them

        I'm glad you put out the warning of possible virus/malware/spyware and spam options; this is a huge disclaimer for these offers. Thank you for that.
        Retired Moderator.


        • #5
          The only stuff i am getting from those things if i try to do them are Spam and virus/malware/spyware stuff.

          And before the change i could watch a few video's daily even in the Netherlands.
          but there was only 1 option for it.
          so i might have just been lucky. .