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Mount shop, which ones to get?

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  • Mount shop, which ones to get?

    So I have 1300 beast souls to spend and would like some opinions on if it would be better to get several off the 120 beast soul mounts of a couple of the 600 ones?

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    they will all add up regardless of which one u get. i would get some bigger ones since u have a nice amount then get some smaller ones but either way they add up to the same amount in mount stats but the higher ones lets u do more hoof stars on them
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      The BR value of any mount pretty much is exactly the same for the amount of beast souls you spend. More, cheaper mounts will require fewer hooves to make the most of them, and probably add up to more whip cap increase.

      The 120-240 ones are slightly better because of that, especially if you don't yet have more hooves than you can use, but I say if you like the look of a 600 one better, go for it. The advantage just isn't that big.

      Edit: Forgot one other factor - the mount type adds to your magic mount of the same type once you max it on hooves, so if you have invested in training one of those, getting more of the same type will give an additional boost.
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        As MrFancyPants stated, plain BR gain is roughly same for beast souls. So, you should think about not-so-obvious BR gain. I think you should buy cheapest ones which give you a +10 to max level. So, you can use hooves and whips.
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