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  • Sylph skill upgrade

    Hi! I just get my Gaia sylph. I saw a skillbook in a shop for purple sylphs that like a base skill, but required a lvl 60 and has increased stats. I wonder, if I learn that skill - will it change previous lvl 50 version of that skill or just, like learning new skill - replace random skill you own?

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    There are no improved skills for that same sylph. You probably saw a loki/odin skill or something. Never buy sylph skills from the shop, only buy them in the sylph skills window, or you may end up losing whatever you spent on it.

    And yes, any skill you buy will replace an existing skill randomly, but I hear that will be changing soon, so if you want to rearrange skills, I'd wait a few weeks.


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      Thank you. But now I think it is kinda unfair, why every other sylphs (except Appolo) has advanced skills and Gaia dont... Still thank you!)


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        -_- If you're just getting Gaia, you're likely a free player. If you're a free player, you'd be better off working to get it Orange and getting a nice set of skills instead of something you wish you hadn't.

        If I had it to do over, I'd do things differently with Herc and Poseidon. keep your skills at a minimum until you hit orange.
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