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that's all i'm done

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    What I don't get is why anyone playing this game and being on the forum for over a year would expect to get clothes from opening boxes, when you on top of that had enough to exchange for a full set you should have know to save enough for exchange open the rest and then take it from there like the rest of us. This has been discussed at length on several occasions and you should have known the optimal strategy for maximizing your outcome from events. To me it sounds like you decided to gamble and got screwed by the mighty RNG god and now you're feeling the sting of remorse. When will people learn it? DO NOT try and challenge the RNG, play it smart or it will bite you in the behind most of the time.
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      my problem is when they extend the events , after you have open or traded in ur chest bc the time frame is SUPPOSE to end....Not another 50 or so chest , that could have been used w the ones used in trade / open..pick a time limit, and stick to it...


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        The extra 50+ chests cannot be traded, so you are back to gambling to fill in the holes in your clothing set if you didn't exchange for the whole set.


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          *shrug* See ya.

          You're a free player and counting boxes? From one free player to another, you'd have been better saving them and trading for something else. Blessings of God were high on my list. Unless, of course, you got the boxes after the trade-in HE. I opened extras and still got a new hat.
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            Last time I got a mount or clothing was that skeltaur mount, whenever that was. (May or June?) And I open a couple hundred chests per event. So quit your pouting lol.