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    if you have trusted members there why not give ur username and password to them and let them summon it hahaha XD

    p.s. most of my members knows my password :P

    edited: im just joking ahaha:P
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      Originally posted by cyberfunk90 View Post
      if you have trusted members there why not give ur username and password to them and let them summon it hahaha XD

      p.s. most of my members knows my password :P
      Thats all fine and dandy I suppose, I'm only an assistant G.M. and on any game I've ever played I have never let anyone else pilot my character unless I was sitting beside them and had logged in. I guess if you trust them with it thats cool, but there are too many variables for me to be willing to share my pass, I wouldnt ever dream of asking my G.M. what his pass or username are. I think that honestly the Assistant GMs should be able to amongst themselves talk and discuss and delegate the tasks that need to be done among themselves with the supervision of the GM. One of those tasks very well could and should be the summoning of the tree at the appointed summon time by the guild. If you keep your word and do what your supposed to than there is absolutely no issue with it.
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        Originally posted by cyberfunk90 View Post
        if you have trusted members there why not give ur username and password to them and let them summon it hahaha XD

        p.s. most of my members knows my password :P
        that is against the ToS of the game
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          +1 to this idea - We should be able to give assistant guild masters much more power with guild battles and guild tree (and more later if other events are introduced) - and tree summoning time is up to the guild to agree on - if it is summoned at the wrong time then it can be sorted out, that really is not an issue. If ur assistant g.m does not play by your guild rules then they should not be an assistant in the first place. We trust ours and that is why they have the title but it gets a bit silly passing lead to do duties they are trusted with and specifically chosen for.

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            maybe R2 could put in a tab that the GM could set to auto summon tree at a set time ........problem solved......


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              I have raised this same issue and also vote for it maybe in the near future we may see this one as possible


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                I really hope so Immortal - with a big guild full of active players it means a lot of disappointed people if the guild master gets held up in a traffic jam or loses power/internet or as has already happend is unable to log into wartune because the launch page is under early maintenance.
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                  Originally posted by shinigami_kun View Post
                  I feel the GM has a responsibility to be on..or pass GM position to someone if they aren't gonna be on. Also if assistant GMs may summon the tree as wouldn't be so great and lots of disagreement may come into the guild.
                  Lol, hate to say it, but the game mirrors where it came from. If an A GM was causing problems the GM could simply demote him. See in countries with democracies we understand that all the power does not need to be in one persons hands.


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                    most like this idea, as do I. we have worked it by passing the G.M. position, but if an unforseen thing happens, it would be just simpler to allow the asst to have such responsibility. After all, the are the asst. for a reason.


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                      I also agree with this idea


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                        i should leav a guild there masters is offline with hige time spot.
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                          In my guild, the GM simply temporarily transfers power to an asst to do the tree if they know they can't make it. But if he was just suddenly offline and hadn't known it could be an issue. If they implement this I'd hope they actually have it where the GM has to be offline for at least 2 days before the asst can do the tree. Otherwise you can have someone who either through ignorance (what does this button do?) or selfishness (I want it when I say I want it the hell with how many we can get on to charge tree) and can really mess things up for the entire guild.

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                            i also think that the AGM's should be able to spawn the tree as the consequence of misusing the privilege would most likely be getting kicked from the guild and at the very least losing AGM rank. there are other privileges that AGMs have that are far more detrimental in that they can cost players real money (kicking a player with significant unused guild contribution, for example). with that in mind, there isn't a good case to say potential misuse should be the main factor in not expanding the access.

                            but if that's not viable or the developers don't want to, what about being able to schedule the tree to spawn at a certain time? this way there are no changes to the privilege structure and the tree can go on without the GM even being online.


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                              I recently had a death in the family and I knew I wouldn't be on much so I did transfer ownership so my guild could do tree while I was away. There are times due to kids and life responsibilities that i cant make it until later in the evening. My guild has set a time to summon the tree and it has worked out. But it also needs some changes. Either allow the assts to summon the tree in the leaders absence or create an auto button where we as leaders can set it and forget it. there needs to be a solution that will satisfy the majority.


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                                What level does the guild have to be, before the tree can be summoned?