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    Now why haven't they got an option to set a time to summon the Tree and Alter at a given time any day.

    If the guild decides to have the summon at the same time every day (as most do), then surely there could be an option for the G M to press a button and input a time for the summon. The tree and alter are then summoned at this time automatically until the G M either changes or stops it.

    This way even if the G M was held up or offline, everyone would still know that the tree was going ahead.


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      As a G. M. of a guild, mother of 3, wife to a disabled husband and person with a LIFE outside of Wartune, I can safely say that life is far more important than the Guild Tree every single day. Sometimes we have appointments to tend to on the rare occasion that interferes with the timeline set for all guild members. Short of tossing the G. M. position and confusing some members at the change or giving up entirely because of rare occurrences, how about we let the G. M. set a recurring time where the tree auto-spawns?? Simple fix!


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        +1 good idea! more rights for Asst.GM and also "auto summon time" for Guild ToA