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    Originally posted by SlowPlay View Post
    I used death warrant even before it had the stun chance just because it's an awesome counter to suntoria and to make one example, i had a fight against a dude with 500k br less than me but 2k or so light res (i had light oand 1k res red and was doing 20k with light ulti), i killed him just with the bleeding from death warrant, against weaker opponent bleeding is op, it's good against same br because it help to counter suntoria and is pretty much useless against those that are far stronger than you (but then again, what helps against those other that insane res? ^^)
    the major issue i see is the insane hp people have & my tiny bleeding only drags fight & can't kill them >.<
    once the fight goes into an endless bantering, i just go afk & let them do whatever they want. most still didn't fulfill my fast kill wish.
    i don't use eudaemon or hp gems when doing arena, for not wanting to fight forever. not that i enjoy losing fights, but i'd rather lose a few worthless rounds instead of wasting 2 hours just to miss half the fights. res is just too important & we still can't have enough to afk NR, but for pvp it's really terribly annoying.