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    Originally posted by DelitaHeiral View Post
    Imperial Seal - Its damn annoying to climb atoll 4 to kill eve's and after finish the circuit be asked again to kill more 10. Be asked to kill 30 in Warg Lair is terrible too. Those circuit quests are annoying so give more imperial seals or multiply the drop of Goodies Link for 10, at least we can get 280 per month.

    Meddalion - Its impossible for a light casher or a free player try to get some honor in battlegroud when there is so many 2m+ br players camping in spawn, if we cant get honor in bg make us get some outside it.

    Luck Charm - After last patch i dont know where to get those ones. Buy in store? But how if we dont have bound balens anymore?
    adding more:

    give us divine energy in ef nm. took me like 5-10 runs just for 4 of them and we need 2400? are you kidding me?

    give the rare mount to at least some people, & distribute the possibility evenly. some got half these rare mounts from like 10-50 boxes for every event, while some don't even get one from 400+ boxes for every event. how is this possibly "random"?

    1) they should just eliminate the sylph buster & MPD CQs; how could people possibly have time to finish all those things?

    2) you can still get 100-200 honor per bg without fighting anyone, & attend every GB possible. upgrade the GB honor guild skill to at least lvl6 & u rack up honor pretty fast even in the rank 8 guild (my free toon is in the rank 8 guild). takes some 2 years to max honor, but it's doable. my free toon did.

    3) you can get some from events, such as clothing shards. I bought all luck charms from wild shop whenever possible, until it became the balens shop.