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Can't take out good damages???

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  • Can't take out good damages???

    Hi, I am lvl 53 Archer
    How come i can't take out good damages??? i wonder what i lacks of for my character. Plzz help me solve my problem

    Here are some images:
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    [S1] Temple Ibalize
    Guild: Harvoc
    Classes: Archer

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    i think you look good. you got fairly good damage . not great..but good enough ptk and great defense.

    i don't understand why you level up your hero mtk in academy when you an archer.

    don't level it up anymore.

    also, you can refine your gears to get more ptk/crit rather than def if you just want to be a glass cannon.

    or just level up those astrals.
    get some lv. 5 ptk, crk, crit dmg

    i only got ptk to lv. 5 and i'm over 10k ptk already.

    level up your guild skills help a lot too.

    also, i don't know what you are socketing, but with a champion medallion, your hp is only 22k seems a little bit low.

    anyway, if you wanna more dmg, get your ptk to 10k at least, and up that crit and crit dmg astral. to 4 at least
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      When i was a beginner and i didnt know i dont need matk in academy but i stop lvl up now. I sockets patk, mdef, and pdef gems. Do u think should i increase my def??? cuz i feel like im very weak with mdef. I will increase my astral for patk/crits lets see how is work.
      [S1] Temple Ibalize
      Guild: Harvoc
      Classes: Archer

      “If we act like prey, they’ll act like predators”


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        How about your skills? When your skills are at max level, it deals the most damage (duh). Rather than investing in a whole spread of skills, max in a selected few will deal more damage per hit.

        Lastly, hope you're not comparing damage to a knight. knights have some of the best defenses, and you will deal a whole lot less damage to a knight.


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          1 question... WHY YOU NEED MATK from the academy?
          Nevermind, saw the answer.
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            i havent see ur skills is it max passive max arw strike max multi and btw your hp is too low for lvl 53 put patk- mdef- hp gem - secondary pdef

            as what above said if ur comparing damage to knight its only natural u get low damage from them - if having trouble just use armor piercer reduce there def and scater shot to remove
            anoying shield and reverse damage...