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To knight or not to knight? thinking of rerolling a knight

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  • To knight or not to knight? thinking of rerolling a knight

    I am currently playing a mage on one of the newer servers, high 30's. top 10-20 on the server (semi casher - vip+$5 for starter pack)
    Anyway I really enjoy mage's aoe (nothing like rof+bolt+meteor to start a duel, and of course 2 mages are awesome in arena) so, aoe is fun, heals are nice (great for catacombs, seem less useful in pvp, so far)

    But I have this nagging desire to play a knight, thinking it will be a stronger class at end game: more hp than mage, more pdef than archer, damage might be lower (not by much on single target though) but not by much. However it's the reflect shield that seems most awesome. maxed out it lasts 10 turns and reflects 1k damage. Now consider that mage is going to spam rof/meteor at the start of duel, and archers will be using multi shot every other hit.. cast reverse at the start of the fight and enemies will be taking half the damage they do to you from this skill alone.

    Some concerns I have about playing a knight, no aoe = slow dungeon clearing, and harder time going through catacombs. Also, while you get all the needed skills, the knight is going to suck fairly bad. World bosses - I was told knights can't double hit, meaning less gold/daru than archers and mages get. Lastly, it seems like knight might be more casher oriented class than a mage.

    So, your thoughts? Should I make a knight? or stick with mage?

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    1 - WW with high patk works well, not the best but it works

    2 - Knights are really good at catacomb, I mean really good. Just focus on having a high enough patk and you can Delphic your way through the bosses.

    3 - Knights can double attack, make a test knight on a server and try.

    4 - Mages have to get 2nd skill tree if they want to be useful during pvp and pve. A properly built knight can use 1.

    You should make a knight, just remember that tanking is awesome but you need patk too.


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      Which Delphic skill are you talking about? The last skill? Interesting about knights being able to double hit on world bosses. Not sure about mages needing to double spec for pve/pvp, but perhaps I am just low lvl.

      Any thoughts on knights being more "needy" of spening $ than mages? Also, any thoughts on the reflect shield? It seems like it would be really awesome with multi attack skills, which both mages and archers spam a lot.


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        You don't need Delphic at all. I personally don't have delphic or WW and I do great. Yes you need patk but knights are best at tanking more than being dps/dpt. You end up in the long run winning more matches and lasting longer in battles. Double hits do work on a knight but they are much harder to do than archers and mages. I am able to get to lvl 70 cata boss with out delphic and I don't have the best patk either. Like 6k patk at most. Sogoing tank knight will do much better than going the dps/dpt route.