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Narrandera remains res and br lvls to finish

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  • Narrandera remains res and br lvls to finish

    just finished saw some one post that then did then didn't fill in info so here it goes the best i can do 2 knights 1 mage 1 archer

    1knight all lvl 9 res crystals 1.98mil br running with venus at 145k br
    2nd knight all lvl 10's res crysals at 1.66 mil br running with 101k zues
    1 archer all lvl 10s res crystals at 2.56mil br running 171k hecate
    1 mage running mix bag of lvl 10's and 9's res crystals and at 2.06mil br with a 132k poseidon

    team x with (1st) knight and 1 mage has mar rings lvl 3-5
    team y with (2nd ) knight and archer has mar rings of 6-6

    1st boss you should be easily beat or dont bother with 2nd
    2nd boss team x had fire watch out for chaos 1 player got chaosed about every other turn while other never got hit once
    2nd boss team y had water watch out for amne seems like 2nd boss attacks 1 person pretty constantly and leave the other alone
    after 2nd boss you run into groups of wind mobsters pretty powerful and cant be purge. need to have one enter first then 2nd follow quickly for any chance at these. if one team cant kill other team can make there way down and help them get to final boss.
    3rd boss is a 2-2 vs 1-1-1 style think of it as a spire only having 2 teams of 2 battling the 3 bosses 1 after the other watch out for smaller wind monsters that get spawned res crystals were 6 wind 5 dark 4 light and 3 electro.

    hope this help and good luck

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    the very last res crystals listed were mine (1.66 mil br knight) (res crystals were 6 wind 5 dark 4 light and 3 electro.) im not totally sure what the different bosses elements were, the 2nd one was dark, as it gave the same "bleed" effect as a dark sylphs ult attack does. the final boss fight was divided into the same teams as before, on my team we both died one time, revived by rings. it was one boss after another, 3 total, with mobs spawning periodically. if anyone has any info on what the last bosses elements are would love to know.

    for stage 1 dark boss i had 5 level 10 dark crystals, stage 2 water boss 6 level 10 water crystals, stage 3 wind mobs 6 level 10 wind crystals

    also, on the 2nd bosses (fire/water) the 4th or 5th (thinking 5th) attack was the "ult" would be a good idea to shield, apollos shield, guardian rune, ect before that hit. even with apollos shield up it came very close to killing me

    guess i should also mention i have 2 adv wind dimensions and 1 adv water dimension currently going
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      you dont really need any advise since youve finished it already, but for fire boss, which i find the most annoying in the whole dungeon cause of the chaos we have this tactic - knight tanking front row with max puri rune and resurrection if needed, he will always get the chaos. Back row dps sylph for a fast kill.


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        Originally posted by ScarletMoonLight View Post
        if anyone has any info on what the last bosses elements are would love to know.
        We believe the last bosses are as follows: Troll (boss 1) - not 100% sure but we think light, Scorpion (boss 2 for us) - wind, Blue Skull thing (boss 3 for us) - dark.
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          i had a mix of dark, light, electro, and wind res..none of the final bosses hit me terribly hard, the biggest issue i had was this horrid bleed that stacked. and i mean it was horrid


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            First boss is no issue for most teams who should be in there, dark or light we know works fine.

            2nd boss Fire side = fire for normal attacks, water on some abilities and we've seen a Delphic look like electro.
            2nd boss water side = water for normal attacks, electro on some abilities and a delph, and a fire delph too.
            2nd boss summary: wear fire, water and electro crystals for best chance, if one is too low there is a chance of getting hit hard by a Delphic

            3rd boss summary: priority on wind, then dark, then electro seems to yield best performance. Ofc stacking wind on trash is pretty key with eudies in front row. Use chaos runes and stuns, aoe's and sylph up when you can to kill.

            if you have res crystals lvl 9's for all elements you can probably do all bosses without dimensions if your toon/team is decently built (1.7- 2m br+). 8's would probably need a dim or two to bring it high enough beyond 1st boss. If you're below lvl 8 crystals, you're either a newer player, don't have vip to do enough dims, or lazy and haven't done dimensions to build your res. In that case, you'll need to be carried through, or build them up to do NR down the road. Good luck!!
            Kalydia - Level 80 - 1.98k br Archer - Kabam 57 WEST
            Guild: Paradox
            Eudaemon: Eddie - Lvl 8 Oracle Mage - 1.3k br
            Syphs: 80 Herc - Flashpoint- 127k br
            80 Triton - Undertow 93k br
            80 Venus - Precision 113k br
            80 Gaia - Judgenjury
            80 Medusa - Backdraft


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              Well, none of the last bosses are light, water, or fire. I usually end up wearing dark, electro, and wind (boss usually hits me for 1-3k dmg). So if you guys wear light, wind, and dark...then either the bosses are wind and dark or just wind. I'm inclined to believe all of them are just wind.


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                I was pretty sure the last 3 bosses were some combo of dark & wind - wind is a definite, and pretty sure of dark, but yesterday the scorpion managed to hurt me when I had high wind & dark, so he may have some other element attack, or possibly a res-ignoring attack (like a short circuit type), I wasn't really paying attention and I suddenly was down 500k hp. Hadn't ever happened before, and I don't think I always had electro up, so I'm really not sure what it was. Didn't help that I'm barely on the screen when in the back row


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                  I always run last bosses with fire water wind on and never got hit for more than 3k except the bleeding thingy.


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                    did you turn on skill effects to see the color of the res shields?

                    my team still couldn't get to last boss yet.


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                      Originally posted by R238423534 View Post
                      did you turn on skill effects to see the color of the res shields?

                      my team still couldn't get to last boss yet.

                      honestly didnt think of turning skill effects back on to see, with the ridiculous amount of lag that gets built up during longer fights i keep them turned off. nothing like having to refresh during a good fight and coming back to see myself dead lol.