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VIP and Mysterious Shop - A more players friendly approach

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  • VIP and Mysterious Shop - A more players friendly approach

    As tittle suggest, it would be very player friendly to allow us to use our voucher to buy some of the items in mysterious Market shop.

    as for VIP suggestion:

    Core concept: Cash players have money but have much less play time. To balance things out without breaking stuff:

    1. Please allow much higher stamina cap something like 500-750 stamina cap (every reset add 100 stamina like everyone else. This should not break anyone games)

    2. Cheaper (500 voucher/250 Balens) skill reset for everyone please. It will not hurt your profits and it will make players love the game more.

    3. Balens should worth twice as much as vouchers. It make no senses that they have same value.

    4. Lower item shop items costs and allow more voucher items , why? because we buy more when it's cheaper which = more profit for you. Same reason ppl stand in line to buy sale items. The keys here is to trick none cash players into thinking that they can also buy the same items if they play mores. More players = more fun game and more players = more reasons for cash players to spend to win over the none cash players.

    5. Please allow easier ways to obtain gold for none cash players as long as they willing to spend a little more time. Better return values in the farm.

    6. Very important - Please make it easier to close the gap between the top characters and the average characters. This will make the game last many years with loyal paying and none paying customer. Just understand that if none paying cash player left, then the cash payer also going to leave too when the game is deserted.

    just a few quick thoughts during break.

    Edit: oh.. Please allow the battle ground score icon and chat windows completely minimized or movable. Also make it so that system msg only show up on system and all channel plz. NO ONE wants's the most annoying, most turning off thing anyone can do to in a game.....
    Last edited by dangleone; 11-18-2012, 01:44 AM. Reason: add p.s