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Something More for the Wilds...And Off Hours !

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  • Something More for the Wilds...And Off Hours !

    So I was thinking we need something more to do in the wilds to draw people out:
    1. How about random dungeon bosses (which would draw out a few people)
    2. Better rewards for whats already there.
    3. Randomly spawning "mini dungeons" so people would have to hunt for them in groups of 4?
    4. All or any of the above.

    This way we get more people wondering around the wilds all hours which would allow more PvP opportunity and more reward opportunity after all the events have played out. Off hour people would really enjoy more to do between the Tree of Ancients and server reset. Also people who do notcash and cannot play during peak hours can keep pace.

    Oh I really Like my Idea

    ROckhoUND - lvl 51 Knight
    [S6] Duskin Arena
    IFINIITY guild