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  • It's time to update your game site

    I've been playing wartune for a month or maybe even 2 now. Looking at the website for help, forums as well. I've decided that the communication between players and GMs must be terrible. Most of your website posts are made from about 2012
    to 2014...That tells me you guys probably don't care much about your community. Which makes me unsure I want to put any of my real life money into the game...Since this game has probably already peaked.

    I want to know how other players feel about it? Do you feel this game is going up or down in popularity? Do you think the game developers are doing a good job?

    I feel like the developers are doing the absolute minimum to keep peoples attention in the game..but I don't see it holding out for very long.

    Thoughts, feelings, ideas?

    Why or why not put your real cash into this game?

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    communication and r2/devs on this game cant reaaly be used in same sentense. as there is none
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      They most likely wanna quit wartune so don't cash there, it's gonna be a dead game fairly soon.


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        according to Google Trends ....

        Click image for larger version

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