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Why is the stamina so low?

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  • Why is the stamina so low?

    Been playing this game for about 2 days fully now and i can already see that this game is geared towards the vip players since a new server is made almost every 2-3 days. But why is the stamina so low 100 per reset is **** and then to have ot reset about 5pm my time gmt -5 is really unfair. A normal campaign takes away 20 points and most of the time u only have 100 to begin with.

    Is it that if you are not a vip you are not counted here? The only reason i hvnt bought vip as yet is that i have other active mmo's which i play right now and the 7 dollar vip does not even offer much.

    Can we see an increase in stamina soon enough?

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    When I started playing I thought that as well. Once you have been playing a few weeks though and risen to a higher level you will find that solo campaigns play a relatively minor role and you will find that stamina will no longer be an issue. I still have a number of stamina potions in my inventory that I am unlikely to ever use. I'm not a VIP player by the way.


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      save your stamina potion till 48, the dungeon there gives alot of gold and gear. Sure blue drop and 25k each time you do it