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Strangeness with SoE

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  • Strangeness with SoE

    Yesterday, I soloed SoE. Today, I joined a group to fight SoE, but when a person in the group attacked, it would not let me in. After much clicking all around the attack button, I finally got in. And it killed me in 1 hit. How is this possible? My res is still the same, 950, and I had the same electro sylph as I had yesterday. I don't get it. What am i missing?

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    The SoE does have a stacking damage buff, and I believe that it also increases the splash damage, which is the only thing that really hurts when you have high electro res. So if you were locked out for a few rounds, and it stacked up a bunch of damage buffing, it could kill you in 1 shot with the splash.

    Also, sometimes it glitches, and you not only take the main hit damage, but also the splash, and that will 1-shot you. I haven't had that happen since we first got eudaemons, but it could still happen sometimes.


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      Thanks Fancy I will keep that in mind. It really had me puzzled.
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