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Purg Maze curriosity

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  • Purg Maze curriosity

    on your current server how many archers of any level have passed 30? and what is the ratio of knight /mage to archers?

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    my friend, 2m br archer, with lvl 9 res chrystals, and using hecate passed lvl 30

    me knight, a bit more br, using arise, lvl 10 res chrystals, passed it, but because of bad aoe it took a lot of time.

    me, a mage, 1.9m br, lvl 9 res chrystals, using zeus, coudnt pass lvl 29, eud to weak, and a lot of stuns, constantly, coudnt do any damage.
    ING: Eukkie changed name to â€*Evilâ€*Witchâ€*, changed it back to Eukkie
    Server: S444 Silent Arena
    Char: Knight
    Lvl: 80
    Br: 6m and crowing.
    Main Sylph: Arise
    Guard: Oracle


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      12 arch, 10 knight, 12 mage.


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        5 mage , 3 knight , 8 archer

        cry .. why im a knight .. smile .. else it be to easy