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Thoughts and feelings about the patch 1.45 - part 1

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  • Thoughts and feelings about the patch 1.45 - part 1

    It was with great excitement and anxiety that I and my guildies received these new upgrades, after we tested most of the news, here I leave my opinion:

    Firstly, congratulations for bringing much of what exists in the original game to us, we all know is not complete but are certainly big news.

    1. Two new methods of Bonus Experience! - I have not tried
    2. Completing Solo Dungeons while offline? Nightmare mode for Multi-player Dungeons? - I think works better in Cata then in Solo Dungeons, but is very great thing. One of the great problems of this game is time consuming, these way we can spend all stamina and max our XP gain. Why I think dont work so well in Solo Dungeons, because we miss some boxes, tombs and some other bonus. But its normal, so if you have time, go manually. Until now I only have done 3 for quest, now I can spend my stamina, so is very cool for me
    3. New Equipment, New Crafting, and Equipment linking. - Well a lot people hope got lvl55 set on this part, so a lot are very disappointed. Epic gears will be crazy to get, but well, its epic for something, need work for get it.
    4. Roses for Friendliness, and Charm Points. - I personal dont see any advantage on that. Its cool yeah, see roses when someone give a buck.. cool... I like it? NO
    5. Mount up and take the charge! - Is great for speed on wilds, a new thing to get a bonus on stats. What I really dislike and make me crazy is in Battlegrounds, now is very hard click in one player and see who are we really picking up. The horses take a lot of space on screen. In my guild we try dont attack other guildies, and now is more hard. I suggest to get a option to not attack other guild members, one PK option perhaps
    6. Guilds get their own area, and private chat interface. - Baah, Who really use it? Allways having the chat icon glow up when someone talk in Guild chat is annoying. I've disable notifications and I guess almost all guild have done the same. Really not very usefull. Is good have a option do desactivate. For me is better if I can send a Circular for our guildies, like in Guild Mail but having one free message, pe.. I'm GM but not a great cash-player to spend ballens on that. I barely can buy sockets..
    7. Guild Battles. 16 Guilds enter, only one will be victorious. - The idea is GREAT, I'm entusiastic to do that, BUT, because the r2games cash-strategy, they have kill a lot of servers, In my guild I can have all active players from the server. We will fight with one guild for GB that have less BR then our 2 top BR players. I dunno if we can get 50 players online in same time to do it, but ok... and if we can't no1 will can in my server, we do with less players... but a lot of guilds are inactive atm... So, like I said, was a great idea, but or they will make a Guild Battle Cross Server or unfortunely could not be so fun like I thought. In the other hand, if they cross that, I think my guild will absorbe all the other greats players to do it... and almost all servers will only have one POWER GUILD... dunno, maybe is because the server I play...
    8. Cross Server 3v3 Arena Battles. - We like it, now we dont need to use M/F/W system, we could get very different teams, we can help more easy other guildmates in arena... but we got a huge problem to here...
    9. Double the VIP tokens for the daily quest, an improved VIP Wheel, and free cooldowns for VIPs. - All VIP's will like that.
    10. The new Event Time Schedule. - OMG what you have done here... the problem I've talk in cross server 3v3 is because the new schedule. IS A MESS. I dislike the new time schedule completely. Now we have almost 12h events to play. OK, 4 hours for arena when we can do 30attempts in 1hour (around it) but some players help guildies so..., but is a big mess. with GB in the middle of the some events for 4 days. now we have only 3 attempts for mp dungeon, is real nice.. 5 attempts was boring, my team allways got asleep on last runs :P, more 15minutes needed for Guild Tree (they could improve Guild Tree, more mobs, more hard, during tree summon, dunno. but something need to be done here to improve i think, I barely dont kill mobs to give opportunity to the guildies get something...) Maybe the problem here is my time zone - the last WB have delay 1 hour... and now i barely will do 2ndBG and 3wb... a lot of people will like
    11. And finally, a whole slew of minor tweaks and improvements. - Almost all good things.

    I dont want show one bad idea about the new patch... is very Welcome, but some things are useless, others are so great, omg... and finally we have it. and more comming. I'm only trying suggest something.
    Please, dont kill the game giving a huge big help for cash players, They are already very powerfull againts non-cash players, I know somethings are only a great comercial opportunity to improve your profit on the game, but 70 servers in 2/3 months already have done a big damage for the gameplay in almost all servers (old servers at least)
    Mounts, wings, epic gears and more things, is normal cash players have something to buy (r2games want money) like the double scroll honor, 99 or 999roses, etc. But allways keep in mind, non-cash players are very usefull and needed for the wealth of the servers.

    Its great to have a option to get free ballens, I've try using it and a lot of things are not giving me ballens... so check what you can do.

    Fix the WB top10 is annoying when I see me in #2 in all wb run and in the end i see im in #6 or something and will not get any reward.
    Fix the knight end bug in duels... is annoying we see one knight on the ground and lose the fight because a bug.

    PS. sorry if my english is not good.