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Legendary Talents

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  • Legendary Talents

    Does anyone know how much experience or gold it is for all of the legendary talents? Does the cost change after purchasing the first one? What is the max level per talent? I am guessing all classes are the same, but I am referring more specifically to legendary knight talents.

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    I am a mage that is currently at level 7 on Legendary talents and this is what i have surmised so far. Talents xp at level 7 is 95000K and before that each subsequent level's xp has increased by 5000K. Cost of gold is 2.4million, but i haven't kept track of the change in cost with each level to surmise a pattern. I have yet to get max talent level though, so i can't report on that


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      goes up to lvl 50 .. 10 per talent .. now sure what little xp and gold it took thou


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        lv 32 goin now. and 3,65mil gold. 200mil exp
        Kabam -57 Archer
        Kabam -67 Knight
        Non casher and proud of it.