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  • catacomb

    Hi ppl.
    i was quite confuse about the actual astral should b use in catacomb.
    Is it true before floor 50, PDEF astral should be used and MDEF is not relevant?
    and after floor 50, PDEF astral can be remove and exchange with MDEF astral.
    is this true??? or both need to be slot in at all times during catacomb run.
    pls advice.

  • #2
    50 plus you need strong m-def to survive i use m-def astral and also refined goddess blessing as my top def astrals to go along with p-att and crit and yes i am archer currently level 45 and record right now is stuck on 70
    giving game one last chance :

    guild leader : endangered
    server 164 brighthollow
    class : archer
    current level : 54
    favorite title : Balenor's Number One Guild Master


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      Yes pdef is pretty much useless.... it is better to go with a goddess blessing or an aegis (if mg, go with charisma, 40+ tho) the only attack is a phys aoe that is rather rare and if you learn the patterns you can guard it quite well with a few guardian runes..

      tip if your mg: when knights or angels reachs about 40+ they are normally strong enough to take 2 aoes, using suntoria and blessed light (may require rage rune) helps them to stay alive and a rly nice dmg boost