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Pass this on to 7roads

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    Originally posted by pietjeprecies View Post
    However their pricing is ridiculous, their support is an insult, their event manager is like 5 years old, and so on so on.
    Why bother to continue playing here, when other providers of the same game are better?

    No one is forcing you to play or pay.

    I started on another provider, in my own language/timezone once, I just couldnt be bothered to start over again.
    If my toon here was small or free, i would have quit here, but I like my knight here, I'm sure many people dont want to quit cos the toon has taken quite some time or cash to just leave it.
    Everyone with a few braincells knows their being robbed by playing this game, either money or time, or in some cases patience.
    Still people, including me, enjoy the daily stuff and the interaction with guildies, or other forum members.

    There;s no need to tell how bad this game is, we all know,just go play the game you do enjoy.
    Well put Piet. I feel the same way, esp with the friends I've made in the game.
    Kalydia - Level 80 - 1.98k br Archer - Kabam 57 WEST
    Guild: Paradox
    Eudaemon: Eddie - Lvl 8 Oracle Mage - 1.3k br
    Syphs: 80 Herc - Flashpoint- 127k br
    80 Triton - Undertow 93k br
    80 Venus - Precision 113k br
    80 Gaia - Judgenjury
    80 Medusa - Backdraft


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      I think the only party is doing a decent job in 7 Road. It is not easy for this kind of game to last 3 years The game still exists because someone think it is worth to buy even when they are not happy.