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  • Destiny Card

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    What is this? I was opening heaven horns. I have plenty left and it stopped letting me open. You can see I have 43 left. Every time i went to open another horn (1 at a time), it keeps saying this message. What is a destiny card and why is it 120 balens?

    Normally it is 35 balens I believe to open a 2nd horn (which I doubt any sane person would ever do these days)

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    Huh, never seen that before. But why in the world are you using horns now anyway? Save them for after the patch, when you won't get the useless junk like celestial stones and star tear shards.


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      Keep em for after patch, they'll give 2 sep each. And i think you just found out a bug in the game.


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        bug is most likely due to some sort of click lag bug / something being stuck

        i would just try to clear cache and it will most likely fix it (im not just saying clear cache like the moderators who give that solution to every fudging bug, i really mean it and i think it will fix it haha)

        also, as slowplay said, better to save them horns anyway. better loot post-patch.

        good luck !


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          well thank you all. I wish I had balens just to test and see what a "destiny card" really is. I will save the horns. I just dont like to get hundreds built up because they take SO long to open.


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            Destiny card is the card you flip on the wishing wall. How many did you open? It could also be a cap if you did open a lot of them.


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              Originally posted by SlowPlay View Post
              Destiny card is the card you flip on the wishing wall. How many did you open? It could also be a cap if you did open a lot of them.
              1 at a time. Total? maybe 200? 300? idk. I hate to keep that many. I will slowly open them when i have time at home. Then reset them, then 1 more. Usually if you open 1 then try to do another, it prompts you to spend 35 balens. This time on my FIRST opening, it said 120 balens
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                I've opened 600+ in one marathon sitting, with no issues.


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                  Thought u did open like 1k+ or something and maybe reach a weird cap, 200/300 are common and you probably just happen to find a bug, gj


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                    It's a bug, seen it happen a few times. First card is 60 balens, 2nd 120 and so on, so you already lost 60 bb an didn't notice it while opening. Even if you click in same spot/same card it'll jump out at you after a while (hence the bug -- can click anywhere and it'll pop up eventually) so the faster you click the more likely you won't even notice and press the confirm button.

                    Well nothing will happen with it anyways since no more new horns after patch, to my knowledge.