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Buradoth's Grave.

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  • Buradoth's Grave.


    Did they change the rewards there or what?
    i get nothing when i go there.

    only some gold and kyra.

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    You won't find any gear in any dungeon, solo or mp. I'm not sure what the point of solo dungeons is now, when even hero mode gives you nothing useful.


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      yeah i just looked at what the game say's about rewards.
      Normal is luck stone and Hero is Loids..

      w.t.f. now it's just a time waster.
      only thing slightly useful is exp. .


      i got 550K exp
      15K Kyra
      8K gold

      from 1 run of Normal Endless Path. . the highest solo dungeon. so yeah
      now i will miss all my crypt key's.
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        I can use kyanite for now, but no gear means no refinement crystals for new gear. And no crypt keys is a slap in the face. The game is becoming more and more for balenders with every patch. Which is ironic since you need a job to afford balens. And if you have a job, there are not enough hours left in the day to get most things done. Dimensions take up 1/2 your playing time. R2 needs to find a balance. How about letting us set up ALL our blitzes so we can get that stuff done while we work?


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          Yeah, not much point to stamina anymore, nothing at all worth getting with it.


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            easy to make a 60 or 70 gear and recycle those for refinement crystals but it will take a while
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              Was wondering if it was just me. Yay for 50min of blitzing I don't need to bother to set up anymore.


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                So they give us a welcome improvement to refining....then take away the loot that we used for refinement crystals?

                And they don't drop crypt keys either? I noticed crypt giving almost twice as many crypt tokens as before (~180 vs 95 before), guess now I know why. At least it won't hurt folks who still need them, now that you only need loids.
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                  I don't mind tbh that they removed the refine crystal, refine are really a minor part of the game it's just not worth bothering with, you'll have to bother only when u do red gear but refine for those are only from monthly event so no change there. Another thing they changed is gem drop on necro, you get only lvl 4 or 5 now which is kinda nice and 25 has a chance to give lvl 5 as well.


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                    Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
                    I'm not sure what the point of solo dungeons is now, when even hero mode gives you nothing useful.
                    For event shards, they still drop on weekends.
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