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moon dust

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  • moon dust

    where do we get it now as i only need 37 to complete my upgrade.

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    try exchange events with the event chests (they will pop up maybe once every 2-4 weeks)
    I need a hammer to whack the BG nutcases.


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      guessing from offerings since I got 50 moon rock there today
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        used to get it out of purgatory... but they took that from us. If I would have known they was taking it from us I would have exchanged the 10 chests to get the last 37 i need to upgrade my sylph.

        I loved the randomness of the items from dimes and purgatory. Dimes are so boring now. used to have a chance at getting the items needed to upgrade sylph equipment and other rare items. Dont get me wrong I love the hammers and stoves in purgatory but you could have left the moon dust and divinity stones the randomness is what made it interesting