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Where Can I Find Moon Rock and Moon Dust?

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  • Where Can I Find Moon Rock and Moon Dust?

    I'm trying to evolve a Hercules sylph into Zeus, but I am having trouble figuring out where to get the Moon Dust and Moon Rock required to do it with or even where I got the small amounts I already seem to have. Can someone post where these can be found?

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    Sacrifice would be one place to get them if you are lucky enough to find offerings in dims.

    Wasn't there moon rock in the titan shop last time? They don't have that this time unless I am thinking of a different event.


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      Chaos war has moon rock, dust and divinity only from events/sale and offerings.


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        Devs do not know where to put all the items. You cry about these items, but, what happen with Adv. Sepl and Adv. Mahra? The items that you need to refine the Eudaemon´s equiptment that I dont remember in this moment, etc., etc., this game have to many orphaned items.