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Resis Crystals

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  • Resis Crystals

    would love to see a feature added that would allow you to quickly swap out resis crystals like you can with your skills. i would gladly pay 1k Balens or 2k Balens to be able to do so. so you can make pre sets for mpd's and such.
    384 spireglade Brian1

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    +1, people like me that save gold have 5x(6x if casher) of each res crystal, so would be nice having 3 icons, where you choosed the element, and that socket number in each got socketed with the highest res crystals you have in your bag.


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      bad idea .. as it would suppose u can only have 3 active at the same time ..
      whats wrong with haveing all types active so .. 6 icons ..
      we have that in shields so why change something that works fine


      but if were discussing such .. why not let u alter them in fight .. that makes abpout as much sense ..
      all 6 of type against specific opponent next opponent diffrent 6 after fight has started ..
      Last edited by demoniced; 09-18-2015, 02:02 PM.