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Load ? Turtle ?

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  • Load ? Turtle ?

    Wartune is slower than a turtle to load ALL THINGS
    What did you do ?

    Anything where I click, THE GAME STOP WORKING
    sometimes i need rejoin.. like 5 - 10 times

    and if anyone says that the problem is on my computer I will record a video showing all the computer components.
    and I will take screenshots of the game

    detail: my conection is 30mb !

    Thank You

    I accept and I am aware of suggestions

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    Try a different browser


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      Originally posted by Stevekerr172 View Post
      Try a different browser
      Thanks for suggestion.. i tryd Chrome, Explorer and Firefox.. all still slow


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        It's a bug with the latest patch. Nothing will cache anymore, so if you already cleared cache, you're S.O.L. until they fix it. Unless you have a super fast connection, everything will be very slow to load.


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          i have same problem and with firefox i can still play, even if with slow loading. try it for more than 10min, will be slow only when start/end fights and load other stuff.


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            @OP: try Edge.. worked for me..

            sidenote, i'm at 3mbps (at best)
            ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O


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              I am at 60 MBPs and it (Wartune after the Patch 5.0) handles like a school bus. Moreover, it nearly sent my mid-end system on a meltdown that nearly triggered the fail-safe shutdown and dump. Some events I can do without a hitch and problem. But bigger events that have more than one person (i.e., Arena, MPDs, Spire) spamming skills, it would be slow and you cannot control your screen to select the next set of skills. I am currently using an app I made that I threw in a web-browser component (Internet Explorer compatible) and an address bar just because I don't want to deal with CPU/Memory hungry browsers that utilize certain add-ons to their programs. Prior to the patch, I was moving lightning fast and can select skills in battles when my turn comes up.

              And, yeah, I am SOL now since I did clear my cache (it's a weekly thing) along with running System Scan from SpyBot Search and Destroy to remove any form of malware/spyware, running my anti-virus scan, and defragging the drive.
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