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4 kids in fight at same time

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  • 4 kids in fight at same time

    what is happening here? I cannot get but two kids in fight at same time, and yet im fighting against 4?
    how is someone getting their whole team in the fight and keeping them in there?

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    It's a glitch, if you look carefully only 1 is attacking you, or 2 if the backup is actually in there as well. I had that as well but only 1 of them was attacking me


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      In the eudaemon arena, if you look at the bottom there are two curved arrows which are for swapping out a eudaemon, and there is one with a plus sign that will let you call in another to assist you for a short time frame burst. It is possible the others were already defeated and that is why they were still on screen but without a screen shot I could not tell you conclusively.
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