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silent nerf in drop rate of advance and expert coords?

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  • silent nerf in drop rate of advance and expert coords?

    before patch used to get 2 advance or expert coordinates from 25 boxes. after patch opened 100 boxes and no drop of advance or expert? is there a silent nerf in drop rate?

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    It's just your luck, before patch there were times where I opened 50 and received no advanced or expert coordinates.


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      If you were getting 2 for every 25 boxes, you were having really good luck before. I probably average 2 for every 80-100 chests.


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        sheez im still useing the shards boxes .. .. drop rate perfext 100 %


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          before the patch I got 0 expert from my first 400 boxes, 3 experts after my first 1 k boxes. For me opening chests is always nerfed :P


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            Some ppl have all the luck!

            I just do intermediates, only got an advanced/expert like every 200M gold.
            Know what they should do to fix? They should nerf res crystals event to level 6s.
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              I get 1 expert from 13-15 boxes.. sometimes 2 advs.. and if lucky, combination of both.. I rarely open in 20s.. and try to keep them low so my frustration isn't as high
              ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O