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Inventory Management suggestions

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  • Inventory Management suggestions

    1) Star Tear shards need to be sellable- Star tears are abundant and 2nd tier sylphs are obtainable from event exchanges. You could argue that shards don't have a use in game but you should at least be able to throw them away. Same goes for

    2) Sylph exp scrolls need to be sellable- While sylph exp used to provide competitive advantage, now everyone has multiple (all) L80 sylphs and exp scrolls just take up space

    3) Vulcan stoves/hammers should stack to 9999- If I want to save stoves for a "200 forge per day" event, I have to have 3,000 stoves (currently 3 stacks) PER DAY OF EVENT

    4) All items should be "bound"- There is no point to something being "unbound" (balens excluded). I've been stacking unbound and bound items together for 3 years now and I'm tired of it.

    5) *Wish list*- All gems should be hp gems when dropped/received- That means L1-5 gem boxes should drop hp gems only, catacombs should have hp gems only. Gem boxes always spam my mail, which takes time to collect. You wouldn't need Level X gem boxes anymore, since they were guaranteed to give a Level X hp gem. Just make (given reward) a gem instead of a gem box. Also, converting L1-5 gems is a tedious process that I'd prefer not to have to do.

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    Bump +1
    Just a waste it never gets heard from the devs
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      1 2 3 .. thumbsup

      4 .. hmm alll but exlude balens .. if be resolute and all including balen

      5 .. nah .. like the colourfull gifts .. and confering dont take that much time at all


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        Oh dear god, all of these. Especially the 9999 stack for vulcan stove & hammer. The vulcan clamp & stithy for red gear get 9999 stack, so why not stove & hammer?

        Actually, why does any item not have 9999 stack?
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          It does get annoying seeing those Star Tear Shards and Sylph EXP Scrolls taking up more and more precious inventory space and having no way to get rid of them other than wasting 100K gold to turn the shards into Star Tears, just to sell is for 1K, or waste half a day to get 60 Sylph Essence to make a Sylph, only to sacrifice it after dumping all of your EXP scrolls onto it.


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            I like all your points hope they read it and do something with it but i doubt that


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              And now my take on such:

              1. HELL <censored> YES!! Tired of having so many star tear shards that I don't know what to do with them. Need to sell these, even for 1 gold (I do not care) so my inventory can be cleared again.
              2. I still (or had still when I left) got sylphs that I was building up, exp wise. However, I do feel ya in suggesting something like this. Perhaps, if the game was not too laggy that nearly killed my system, I would enjoy seeing this after I get my entire roster to lvl 80.
              3. Any item should be stacked to 9,999. I don't know why some items can get up that far, where others only a small amount. I am in favor of this. Our inventories will thank you and R2 for making it happen.
              4. You and me both, mate. So <censored> tired of having to put an unbound item into a bound item just to clear the space; every day. There is no trading market, so it would make sense to just make them all bound.
              5. This one I have to disagree on (and even though I am not playing any more due to the patch). It will cost a lot to convert said HP gems into gems we really need, especially if we need only a few and we have more than that (pointless conversion on the remaining lot since there is no quantity input box). I much rather see that gem drops give out the level box instead (i.e., Level 1 Gem box, Level 2 Gem box, etc.) of gems that take up inventory space or wastes gold; just like they do on Jewel Hunt. And with the 9,999 suggestion, I am sure we "monthly pack rats" can save up so we can open at a moment's notice (or at the end of the month).

              But, I guess that's asking for too much.
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                So, any chance at all that the devs will do anything about this? Presumably not, but we really need these changes.


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                  Originally posted by R212396167 View Post
                  So, any chance at all that the devs will do anything about this? Presumably not, but we really need these changes.
                  Not to be negative but prob not maybe stack more items to 9999 but more inventory no they want you to hire the extra bag space wich is in my opinion not very gamer friendly to put it mild