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Rings not working

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  • Rings not working

    so im a mage and i relied on my lvl 50 rings to save me some rage in world boss but after patch they stoped working.

    not sure if its mistake or on purpose but really afects mages cause i have to use a much worser combo with no rage available.

    any1 else noticed this?

  • #2
    the rate they trigger did drop since patch but they still work they just trigger a lot less now because now they really make skills cost 50% less where as before you needed the full rage even if the rings triggered it still cost 50% less rage when they went off but you needed the full rage now you only need half the rage to use the skills when they go off.


    • #3
      nope, not 50% less rage, when i get the ring effect in arena, its still 40% less rage, even after patch.


      • #4
        i did notice being able to use skills when i didnt had enough rage so i guess thats why but still the % on how it works is much much lowe.r was hard enough for mages to beat archers in wb now its near impossible.


        • #5
          I'm a knight and since a week not even trigger once. Lower rate ok but some have real bug and that's my case.


          • #6
            for me its fine. i can cast delphic with 40 rage regards.