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I Need Tips for World Boss

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  • I Need Tips for World Boss

    Hello again, everyone.

    As a lot of you may already know, I am a mage (reached level 41 today).

    I can average about 2700-3000+ damage dealt to the bosses during the World Boss events. I normally get 3700-4000+ gold and Daru each time I attack the World Boss. I feel like I am not making nearly as much gold and Daru as I should be. I see other mages around my level getting more than 1% damage dealt against the World Boss, while I can normally only manage 0.6% or 0.7% damage dealt.

    I was wondering if some more experienced mages could give me tips on how to be more efficient during the World Boss events. Is there some sort of method I can use for double attack? What kind of skills should I use?

    Currently, I normally start each encounter with Rain of Fire (level 4, about 1500-1700+ damage each hit most of the time, so around 3100-3400 damage for each Rain of Fire). After that I use Lightning Bolt (around 2500-2700+ damage each hit) a couple of times, and then use Meteoric Destroyer (1400-1600+ damage each hit, so around 2900-3100+ total damage for each Meteoric Destroyer).

    I would also like to mention that my troops are currently level 31 knights.

    Lastly, what kind of astrals would you recommend I use for World Boss? I've noticed that a lot of people have their own astral setup that they switch to for World Boss events. I imagine a Will Destroyer astral would be good for my class, since I would deal more damage if I were to use that; however, I have yet to come across a Will Destroyer.

    Please just give me (a humble mage, lol) general tips on how I can perform better during World Boss.
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    Being a mage kind of stops you to deal too much damage. However here are some tips:

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