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some little ideas that might make game better (for all)

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  • some little ideas that might make game better (for all)

    1) change in how some of the circuit quests work:

    kill x mobs in dungeon xyz >> into : pass dungeon xyz (too often u get dump numbers to kill so u have to go multiple time for the same quest and blitzing doesnt always bring same number of mobs than doin it by hand)

    the sylphbuster quest: change from kill x sylphs >> into collect "essence of ..." or recduce to 5 in general

    2) dimension:

    make "invade" an active button, so player can decide if invade or not, at the mom (for me) it isnt clear when there will an invade and when not. or at least give a clear definition

    reduce number of "hidden merchant" dramaticly, feels like theres a merchant every 2 steps (or give a way to use them also with bound ballens)

    bring back some of the ways players could get a few of the mats needed to upgrade sylph and eudamon equipment. like its now 2nd stage of equip is nearly not gettable or it takes a year to upgrade 1 piece of equip. and now that theres eudamon nr5 its a lifetime job to get equip enchanted to +9 even in common quality

    3) battleground:

    make more lvls for them, so br is matched better than now. at moment players with 3 mio br fight in same bg like these with 300k or 1 mio (what doesnt make diff to the 3 mio br player, both more or less 1hits). this is no fun for both (ok maybe only no fun for the lower ones , maybe mr3mioBr feels great after winning)

    so more and more players will stay in spawn or even dont join bg (for me bg is useless cause when joined a bg there ve been spawncampers till i got kicked cause of no change in points, so why waste time for nothing ?)

    4) open some feature for all players

    - capture astral button can make limited attempts for non cash and unlimited for cashplayers

    possible result:
    might reduce traffic (in some cases) >> less lag >> less costs >> more players satisfied >> more noncasher turn into low cashers cause game is fun again >> tata: more money for the company (main reason r2 could think about this ?)

    5) general idea:

    give more information to the players, esp. when things get useless in game, replace them or color them in bright red or let them blink for a couple of days or just give a info when loggin i, so every1 can react on this>> less useless items in inv >> less useless data to save on server >> less money to pay for datavolume >> most important: more money for company with a little work to do

    just a few ideas , more are welcome, so r2 might see that some changes are useful and wanted by the players to make the game more fun to play and not a fulltime job with no fun, already have this and even get paid for it
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    On 4, they should make that possible for all players, and not just the cashing ones. In another R2 hosted game, a player can auto-capture astrals and AFK without having the need to click repeatedly for a single draw. Sometimes, I don't do the astral draw just because my arm gets tired from all that clicking.

    On BG, I had played WT before (about 2-3 years ago) and had retired because of this event that is not fairly matched as it should be. Now, I am back playing on a diff server this time around, and just steered clear of BG as I think it's still unfairly matched. I get my honor and insignia now through GW.

    For Dimensions, I liked it where we are able to get bound balens that we would have otherwise wait 26 days of the month to get the 300. With some update ago, it was getting better, but I do not see a BB drop or collect as I do them, and I would always go for 100% completion on every floor. I also liked it when I was able to collect Euda equip upgrade materials after each battle in there.
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      How about this tip ....

      Give new players some means of making level 5+ gems before the gem event starts tomorrow.


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        thats it, when they want a wide range of players where everyone has at least a bit of fun, it has to be more fair. cant be a complete grp gets killed just by the eudamon of 1 single high br player who is afk.
        its no matching when players get into same bg/arena/etc with a rnage of 200k br up to 3 mio br. would be ok, to get a "skip" button" so u can skip all arena/bg, etc and just get the loser rewards for it, for the low br players gettin into ghigh br matches would be no change , just a lot of time saved and the big ones would save some time, too (open match: ohh, i won, great, next match,...)


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          i like to see 70 level shards i dont do arenas because im killed in seconds to cashers or you do a better job on matching in all arenas.i also like to see alot of inventory problem go away.everytime you bringed new stuff we all stucked with them.another i cant removed diamonds from eudaemons to forged better knight is stucked if i dont have diamonds to replace maybe socketing rods to remove themanother is new rooms for single players to get developing potins higher level you guild quit game because of unfairness in skill just how much money you spend on game .


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            On Shadowbound, another R2 hosted game, I would enter BG and kill everyone and everything in sight. Whether I win or lose, it gauges my character and mercs against everyone else so I know what to do. I would go after those who go after weak players and would totally tick them off -- but hey, it's all "fair" in love and war, and if you are one that goes after weak players for free points, then you are no better than the weak player themselves. The only difference between WT and SB is that WT has more times for players to join into BG as opposed to SB which they had 2 time slots for such; so there is no shortage of players when it comes to programming a "fair" definition.
            Vicious! Approach with Caution!
            Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
            Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
            Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60