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Idea For Changing Drayads

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  • Idea For Changing Drayads

    Drayads are currently very underpowered for the people who use/need them to fight in bg. With only 5% atk/hp boost per level, it fails to address the power imbalance between strong and weak people.

    The Attack isn't all that helpful because many strong predators can just defend the extra attack from a weaker prey without second thought.

    Idea:As drayad levels go up, increase resistance reduction and defense ignore in the bg as well as an atk increase. Exponential probably works out.

    The HP isn't that useful either in fighting because the stronger one can still hit the same amount, usually not making the fight longer at all

    Idea: Increase mdef/pdef as you increase in level with the HP buff. Again, somewhat exponential so you can fight the strong people quicker.

    Another Idea: Increase resistance for all six elements, at an exponential level, as your drayad level increases. This wouldn't be too OP because of the resistance "nerf'' from patch.

    Why do this? Currently, BG is a struggle between the weaker players and the stronger players. The strong players tend to spawn camp another team because they know they can get kills without much issue. With this drayad buff change, people who spawn camp can be killed off temporarily by the people who get drayads from them. This gives honor to the lower power players, while making spawn camping slightly less effective.
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