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fight of heals

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    i found the worst i think: eud mage Aelius with his archer Artemise,if you want a long and uselss fight against a "true" healer it will be perfect


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      Make it like sylph arena or something and not from 1400-1600 server time (some people do work or go to school) but just 10 fights a day


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        Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
        There are a few trolls in the game that make kid arena more tedious than it needs to be. They have no possibility of winning, but they purposely made their toon excel in defence, and then they pile on the heals. They never move your hp bar at all, but their hp will yo-yo all the time, you just don't get the time to finish them off before they get their BL and Restore back online. You hope and pray for the +matk or patk bonus or the -heal debuff because that is the only way you have a chance of winning (which will flop if the crits turn against you).

        R2 needs to do something about these trolls that love to spoil the game for everyone else.

        A 2 minute time limit and then using a "most damage done" calc a la CW is best to stop the trolls.

        So all of you Muppets here think you should win all the time because you can do the most damage? Goobies, please, go back to world boss and sylph atoll.

        Anyway... yes, they do need to shorten the eudaemon fights. While I like how they have the eudaemon arena currently set up due to it requiring some strategy to win the more even matches, they need to implement a 5-minute time limit max where after a certain amount of time, eudaemon damage progressively keeps increasing. At the end of 5 minutes, whichever player's primary eudaemon(excluding support eudaemon) has the most HP will win the match. If the HP are tied, then battle rating will decide the victor.

        I believe one of the issues is players are allowed to swap out their primary eudaemons repeatedly during the course of the match. At the higher end of the game where players have 3 or more really strong eudaemons, this becomes a problem and can cause the fight to be unnecessarily dragged out much longer than it should be. I say eliminate the eudaemon swap feature and only allow a primary eudaemon and a support eudaemon.


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          Swapping is a big part of strategy right now, however support should have a longer cd. Right now many people have 1 strong mage, one semi strong, and use one as support, meaning, they can have it up 100% of the time.

          However, I feel the heal strat is kinda void right now, at least for weaker players. If opponent has a battle oracle in a team I can beat, I just bring out my wind ranger, gives it 3-4 posion stacks, switch out. at 15-50k per poision, few will survive 3 turns taking 60k-200k dmg + onslaught from another eudaemon + support(at my level).

          If I notice my wind ranger does nothing to the battle oracle, I know I can't win, and let them win