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New Gem event.......Not receiving same lvl HP Gem back intentional or another Bug?

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    Originally posted by vaizen View Post
    its a bug and its gems packs you get back not the hp gem ..fool
    And may I ask WHO this post is aimed at?
    I hope its not me......... just because I asked if a change in the events we usually get doesn`t make me a fool.
    We ALWAYS got gem packs back in the rewards and at time of posting I didn`t notice they had merged gem synth 1 and 2 together and were giving 1 HP gem of the lvl gem we were making.
    I Probably have enough gems to make from 6-11 everyday whilst the gem event is running, but IF this is the way it is going from now on it is going to be future gem events that are going to start to become a problem without the Unlimited side of the event removed :/


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      Originally posted by P-J-J View Post
      I think that analysis team is looking only on part of the player base - those around 2,000,000 BR.

      As those players have enough gems, they nerf it, so lower players has to cash or leave (they hope they will cash). Similar situation is with RES crystals - not so many observed players have level 10 RES crystals, so they cap event on level 8, who wants to be ahead, has to pay, or waste (they offer epic/big spending to motivate the waste).

      This also indicate that the game is reaching its end, less attractive for newcomers, boring for big spenders, for which they offer other games like Winterfrost Legacy, Nova Genesis, which has twist in basic mechanism, but rest of events and concept is still the same, familiar (and again boring after a time). Unfortunately the supernova mentality of Chinese market does not apply for overpriced worldwide one, we paid more for the same feature, so we expect better service, while R2Games thinks that issue in sending emails is not important, bug correction is not important, UX improvement is not important, but new unneeded or not fully thoughtful features like new battleground/sylph arena/eudemon arena are the best how to earn more money.
      At 2.3mill BR I fall into the bracket you say the analysis team are aiming these events towards, but as a casher I like many have noticed you need to cash more and more in game these days to keep up and I just simply can`t afford to anymore, not being a whale I can`t just throw as much cash as I like at the game so I have to concentrate on area`s of where I can and can`t cash. But back in the day when u bought balens you might think hey I have some balens I might buy a few boxes. but seems buying a "few" boxes just won`t cut it anymore, I have NEVER got a single title mount yet and have opened up to and over 1k boxes on some events. But now players rely on these events to get boxes and when they start nerfing the unlimited side of events, in future we won`t be able to do these events everyday for the whole event like before :/ I don`t need anymore lvl 11 gems I have all lvl 12 dual gems already but I make the gems just to get the event rewards just like ALL the other players in game.


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        Sucks balls since it's no longer unlimited. I had always looked forward to this event that I always saved all my level 5 gems of one type to be used. I guess I will have to go with the "slow" approach if I want to get my "buck's" worth which is not fun at all. Bad move on 7Road/R2's part.
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