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why not sell them....

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  • why not sell them....

    with this new Sky Trail, we have a lot of star tear shards and sylph exp scrolls,why not let us sell them, a lot of us have maxed (i talk about exp) sylph and we earn star tears from Sky trail, so it's a bit useless but we cant do anything with them.
    even 1 gold will be better than not be able to sell them,we all need rooms in inventory more month like that and we will be all with a full page of star tear shards and sylp exp scrolls

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    And you are then forced to pay balens to open up a page of inv that only lasts a month.

    See where that is going?


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      Should be more sands than shards since many of us can repeatedly explore the easy levels to collect upon the tears needed (which for epic refinement of a sylph would take just a measly 10 of the element's tears). I don't have a use for shards anymore since I got two sylphs at epic refinement (Cerberus and Medusa) which as time goes along, we will have too much of one item before we can get the 1k sands required for refinement.
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