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Gem formulas

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  • Gem formulas

    Wow had to purchase formulas with bound balens... and now you give it to everyone... how about a reward for those who had to use balens to get the formula... cause i sure could use
    those to get much needed space

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    If they had told you exactly when you would be able to get gem formulas for free, would you really have waited? Being limited to level 5 gems for months/years would not have been worth the savings.


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      Can we also be rewarded for other items as well?I'll mention just a couple for start:
      for sep/mahra (which were as rare as is adv mahra now from what I remember), many cashed a lot for them, it was quite something when you got 1 star purple..not to mention the orange back then was like a red now. Now everyone has orange sylphs, I want to be rewarded!
      for fate stones which were so hard to get, it was a miracle when it was in event chests and many cashed hard for it, now everyone has max...want to be rewarded!

      p.s. Please do not forget the reward for beads of influence next January-February when everyone will have them after some paid money for chests to exchange them for beads! SO unfair, where are my rewards?

      Sorry for this Stark, I understand how you feel but no one will reward you for buying a product because it devalued or dissapeared from the market later....