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Light or Dark sylph?

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  • Light or Dark sylph?

    Hello everyone. I had some few questions about Light ad Dark Sylphs.

    Currently I have Athena right now. Her BR right now is 98k and 4 stars purple. This is my main sylph that I use.
    My toon is an archer. I picked building up to light sylph about a year ago when they were first introduced. I feel maybe that may have been a mistake, I am not sure yet.
    I see a lot of archers that go with Hecate/Hera (3rd evolve Dark sylph) and they seem to do a bit more in performance that what my light sylph does within similar br.

    What is the major difference with Light vs. Dark sylph? I see Athena has a lot of AoE, so is she more aimed towards large PvP groups?

    For Dark Sylph, it crits a more and seems to do better with single target damage from what I have seen. So would those be some differences to them?

    I see mostly Knights going with Light and Mages/Archers going with Dark. I believe this is because Light sylph gives a lot oh HP which knights need and Dark gives more damage.

    I don't have the funds to start upping Dark sylph to become main. I just feel like I've made a mistake with choosing Light instead of Dark for my archer. What do you guys think?

    And also, when I upgrade to Venus, what should I put the 395 points towards, Intellegence, HP, or just use Auto-assign?


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    Mages tend to go with Dark for the simple reason it is a Patk Sylph vrs a Matk Sylph
    and the oposite is true for the Light pet

    But ehre are the other things about the various pets:

    Lots of AoE attacks
    Does good Dmg

    Lack of basic Healing ability
    Weak Single Target Attacks


    Has some AoE Attack
    Strong Single Target attacks
    Ability to heal/Atk no Awakening Used

    Multiple of the attacks are Debuffs that rarely you wish to use/need
    Worthless +30% dmg Skill
    Standard/Basic skills Often better than the majority of available skills

    As for Skill points Always Put the Points towards the Sylphs PRIMARY sstat.
    Patk = Str
    Matk = Intelect

    The problem with Both Sylphs they are the most commonly protected against types of attacks and though the Resistance system has been
    sc rewed up totally it is still true that more often than not Everyone has dark/Light protected against the most.

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    Guild: Legends
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    Level: 80
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      I'm an archer and venus is my main and I'm doing quite fine with it in all aspects of the game except for milking gold in wb. Once you have a decent attack those aoe moves when crit will do a chunk on damage trust me
      IGN: princestewii
      Class: Archer
      Server: Kabam 86


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        Light sylphs have a major flaw in that all their short cd skills are low damage. But their higher base stats make up for that a bit. Light res is also less common than dark res, so even with lower skill damage, you can do comparatively well vs. a hades/gaia/hecate.

        I like my hecate a lot, since it's good for both pvp and pve, while athena/venus isn't great for pve. But once you've invested in one or the other, it's best to stick with it, and max it out.


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          The most lucrative dark skill I see is Devour soul; I think it's the one for healing; otherwise both sylphs are almost equally matched with dark dishing slightly better damage output
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            I'm a mage and I main my Apollo sylph. I got only Hades 2 months after. I'm fine on my Light sylph because I max enchant it as well as maxing out my equips on it.

            Hades is strong and versatile for all classes but I chose maxing out Apollo for personal preference.

            On resistance I noticed there is now zero resistance and no more negative resistance after the latest patch.