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increase size of Vulcan hammer and stoves

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  • increase size of Vulcan hammer and stoves

    could you increase the size of Vulcan hammers and stoves from 999 up to 9999
    client : R2games
    Character name : annob
    Server: S64 Baedcove Tower
    Alliance: One Piece

  • #2
    star tear shards would be nice as well so I don't have to waste gold and get kicked so often


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      kicked [JackFrost]


      • #4
        I agree, currently got 4 slots of stoves and 3 slots of hammers. Just doesn't make sense why they don't make everything stackable to 9999. Even the vulcan clamps and stithy's are stackable to 9999.


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          agreed. i highly doubt anyone could wait a whole month of purg. blitzing without inventory explosion.


          • #6
            Agreed need 9999 on all items


            • #7
              We completely understand the need and desire for this and we are going to pass along the request for you. I wish I could promise that it is going to happen, I really do... but we simply haven't got that power on the forums. However with the crazy influx of these items from sky trails as well as Tara Temple, Narrandera, The Hell Mode dungeons... it really is the least we can do to try to bring this need to the powers that be attention.

              I know is can be frustrating doing a weekly run on Tara and Narrandera and winding up with 2-3 stacks of both items.. the backpack space vanishes in a flash... just know we are going to try.

              Should we hear anything we will of course try to update you, but right now we just have not got an update and for that I am sorry.

              Always.. Always.. Always be yourself.. unless you can be BATMENTOR! Then always be BATMENTOR muahahahahahahah! (PS: BATMENTOR has Batcupcakes, Batcookies, and Batcake. PS: they just gave me a BatPizza Oven *WOOHOO!*) Bugs can be reported here. Please Read the new format. Check out the Support Page.


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                Between 7k stoves, 7k hammers, 14 stacks of WHY ARE THESE STILL A THING star tears/ star tear shards, and 29 temp mounts (and 5 stacks of things that turn in to temp mounts), my bag space hates me, I hate my bag space, and theres not enough kicks in the world to keep this stuff organized (and every month sees me get kicked 50 times to organize it).