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Can we get some kinda red sylph to

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  • Can we get some kinda red sylph to

    2 r2 have red were catching up to kabam and kong mystery making red sylphs at what 19 now sweet. even up give us same events as them or let us balen *&^% as they might muahhaa.
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    kabam got nothing but cupcakes. reason why it's more motivating to spend in there is because they are a much smaller world & the power gap in there would never cease to exist. they have only some 150 servers, with all the recent server merges, half the bigs are together & helping/comparing/competing each other on a daily basis. they have no balens offer, meaning NEVER a single unbound balen for non-spenders. both the top & bottom spots are quite stable. if you get better ranking early on, there's basically no way for others to catch up without spending major cash later on. unlike us on r2g, where even our freebie alts can open starter kits & theoretically able to open the 6th RES shield with time & patience.

    besides, it's much easier to stay signed in for months on kabam than on r2games.