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Are you "Kid"-ing me

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  • Are you "Kid"-ing me

    You changed the way getting new Eudamons is rigged, from 99% chance to get again the first Eudamon chosen to 99% rigged chance of getting wind ranger. I got 5 wind rangers one after the other. Still no mage. You are more despicable.

    Edit: Make that 7 wind rangers out of 7. Got now more than 3 pages of sanctuary hunters and wind rangers only that i cant delete, sacrifice or anything. You aren't worth a spit.
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    Someone is going to come along and say you're unlucky.
    But when you have any "random" or gamble/chance roll in this game, be 100% sure, it's rigged!
    Me, like you, getting same edus time after time. It just can't be chance, the odds are so low that it's obvoius it's rigged.

    BTW, you have 0.0000128 chance to get 7 wind rangers in a row, that's 1 in 100000.

    You must be very unlucky! Ha ha!


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      When they introduced the wind ranger, they definitely increased the odds of getting it. I know so many people who got it within the first 2 tries, and way more than 20% on the first try. It was great for those of us who managed to get the other 4 before that, but your odds of getting anything else you still need now are terrible. Just another way this game shows its hatred of new players.


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        Ouch... I am really sorry that streak of bad luck has happened to you. I know it is not going to go over well, but I assure you the chances are random of what you are going to obtain when cashing in the five eudaemon mark shards. I am really hopeful this bad luck streak will end for you soon though.

        Always.. Always.. Always be yourself.. unless you can be BATMENTOR! Then always be BATMENTOR muahahahahahahah! (PS: BATMENTOR has Batcupcakes, Batcookies, and Batcake. PS: they just gave me a BatPizza Oven *WOOHOO!*) Bugs can be reported here. Please Read the new format. Check out the Support Page.


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          My kid acquisition goes like this:

          Archer (1st)

          So, don't complain. I wanted Wind, but didn't get it. Got the 2nd Scourge instead.

          And do you know how long it took for me to get the knight so I can get rid of the damned skill books???


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            Yes, your luck sucks... but this has happened to a lot of people! I got to 80 in eudi bounties with one strong sanctuary hunter, one knight (just with the aoe shield) and 2 nekkid (if you will) sanctuary hunters only equipped with IS and DF.

            This is a game and you have to make use what the game gives you. So, adapt already.

            I did notice the drop rate for wind ranger dropped, got that on my second try, still have pages full of archers and knights though... and one mage and one rubbish mage (scourge, w/e).
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              As soon as the 6th eudemon comes to town, we will have this thread again exploded?

              I had got 7 scourge mages before I got my first hunter and had got then 3 hunters before I got my wind ranger, more than twenty eudemons altogether, so the higher ratio is acceptable (as I have all the 5 classes), but I understand the frustration as scourge mages after introduction was also protégé when I had no hunter.

              There is associated question, will be the 6th eudemon the last? So we have 6 classes like we have 6 sylph elements?


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                I would guess 6 is the end of it, seeing that makes 2 of each class and 1 of each gender. Bet however they will milk eudaemon just like sylphs, so expect class premotions and maybe even some combination in the future.

                Yeah I was one of those that got it on the first try, guildy got it as well fairly quick. Have others that have tried 4-5 times and just gotten the old.

                I am at least saving mask's, 1/6, so with wartune rng I guess I will need 18 tries or so xD


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                  It's "random" but - I do believe that the Wind Ranger has a higher percentage right now of dropping. Just like the Scourge Mage was dropping like mad just after it came out.

                  I feel ya though. My first 9 Eudaemon were all Knights. It took me months to get an archer, and I only just got my 1st Battle Oracle after the Scourge Mage came out.


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                    if its anything like the dice rolls in cloud adv or di and bi best save my edu shards untill i ave a few hundred then lol


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                      Most of you ppl here especially the mentor are clearly no friends with mathematics. The chances to get 7 wind rangers and around 10 sanctury hunters, ( on the hunters read " same eudaemon that you first chose) from 5 types of eudaemons posible are way beyond the explanation of luck. And if i go further to the fact that in cloud adventure i roll everytime at least 4 ones and 4-5 twos and only about 3 spins above 4, those chances to happen on the course of months and months by luck are astronomical. Not to mention vip wheels where nobody spins anything other than basic rewards for years... continuing with the rigged dimension card draw. You really got to have your head burried in the sand not to accept that absolutely everything in this game is rigged, nothing is random, every roll every spin every card draw, everything.
                      I yould suggest to you Magik, while i apreciate you taking the time to reply, to stop annoying ppl telling them that getting 7 out of 7 eudaemons of the same type at their launch out of 5 possible types is random and not rigged. It's not even funny.
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                        Guys you are not the only unlucky ones, i got a mage, mage, archer, archer, mage, scourge mage so there you go.


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                          I have a whole page of archers plus 2 more. R2 is so messed up. Allow us to delete the damn things.