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i got a few questions ...i hope some one answer

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  • R2128983872
    started a topic i got a few questions ...i hope some one answer

    i got a few questions ...i hope some one answer

    1- where can i get diamond,magical moon light , glint magic and fire temple chest
    2- how can i get a lot of league insignia ?
    3-will the g ms do an event for wings for non coiners or i should save bound balens and buy it from the shop?
    4- where is the tormented necropplis so i can get dragon Essence?

    that will be all
    ty ,,,

  • MrFancyPants
    FYI, if you want wings, there are frequently wings available for exchange in the regular events. If you are on a new server, you'll have to wait until you join the regular server event rotation, but saving up 120 boxes to trade for wings is possible in some events. Pretty tough for newer players, but it may be smarter to save up your bbs for other things for now.

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  • R2128983872
    thank you a lot for the info ♥_♥

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  • Mentor_Cool
    Hello Dear R2128983872,

    1. Diamonds for the eudaemon can be obtained via Bounty Targets which also gives you other rewards, Cloud city. The Magical Moonlight and Glint of magic are most commonly obtained in the weekly Sylph Arena rewards. Fire Temple chests can be obtained by participating in the hot events or by spending unbound balens in the shop and buying the chests.

    2. You can get lots of League insignias by participating in the group arena daily and saving up the weekly rewards. Please note that the 1st is fast approaching so it will reset then.

    3. I can't disclose that information as I nor the GMs are told anything in advance.

    4. Tormented Necropolis is located in the Forgotten Catacombs once you beat all 100 levels.

    Click image for larger version

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