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Eudaemon: look vs. usefulness?

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  • Eudaemon: look vs. usefulness?

    To me, it seems like the look & usefulness of eudaemons are sorta in inverse relation.

    Scourge Mage is just too beautiful not to have, but she isn't very useful for general purpose. She isn't useless; I just can't take her everywhere.

    Wind Ranger looks awesome!!! And his bleeding is so OP. But to me, so far he doesn't seem very useful against PATK+PDEF type & seems to die fast (comparing to the other 3). He's basically a PATK mage without healing ability.

    Sacred Knight looks hot & pretty at lower levels, but I think they've overdone her armor set at max level. She's my first or second choice for PvP & still somewhat helpful for PvE since she can shield & AOE mobs for me so that I don't need to take those skills.

    Sanctuary Hunter looks cute & pretty at lower levels, but I think her dresses are more suitable for guys than girls. She isn't much of a tomboy girl to begin with, and I'd rather she has more feminine looking dresses. She has the skills that I don't have & was my first pick to begin with, and her stats have better balance between survivability & dps. To me, she is useful for general purpose & I can take her everywhere. She isn't the best of everywhere, but she can fit in almost anywhere.

    Battle Oracle...I didn't pick him to begin with (even though I knew he was the best sidekick around) because I didn't like his look (just personal preference) & animation lag (for some reason his book flipping did seem to lag worse than the sword & arrow). I was in hope to get the female version, but after a few months with no hope of getting a female oracle, & after the knight & hunter look kinda not-so-pretty at their max level, I basically shifted focus from the hunter to the oracle, & now he's my main eudaemon. Needless to say, he has most of the useful skills a mage hero has, & doesn't suffer from the rage starvation of mages. He's the most helpful (to me) for PvP & PvE, & eudaemon arena & bounty targets. They have just put too many useful skills on him alone, leaving little room for others. He can't hit hard & drags fights longer, & can't do well against MATK immune enemies, those are my only complaints about him. However, I still don't like his look & animation, & wished he looks as cute as the male mage hero. just personal preference.
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    Wind ranger -> Knight -> Battle -> Hunter -> Scourge

    My opinion


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      Some of the Battle Oracle's skills hit harder than my "glass" Archer. I guess I fed him a sylph and it happened. While I agree his usefulness does come in hand, I don't like how laggy he gets when I open up the Euda window and try to click on "Skills" as he was flipping his book around.
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