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  • In Game Question?

    The Soul Crystal Event- Soul Crystal Engrave and Soul Crystal Exchange?

    Mount Shop- are there ever added the other new mount in that we miss for this new event mount.

    Dressing Room- are there ever bring back the old clothes to the game for explain Apollo wings.

    oh and another question any idea where can i get Turquoise, Blue Crystaloid,Red Copper since there no longer in Dimension War for Free.
    so as the Pure Refinement Crystal for Artifact and Halidom in Element Forest MPD.

    any supporter can give me a answer, ty

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    Wings of Apollo you will get as soon your wings will be level 9. Hope the bug is fixed.


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      If you havnt seen a SC Engrave event for a few months , chances are it will never return, ( like bounty scroll event & others ). Most top br on my server have lv80 soul seal, bc we know there will never be a ss event.

      Mount Shop refreshes every monday

      Wings of Apollo Where 1st HoF Rewards, prolly never see em again. Emperor wings/cloth set are obtained(free) when you upgrade wings/cloths to lv9.

      Eudie Enchant materials can be obtained from CW's X'gb shops & from event chests & event exchange (inc green pure ref crystals)