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5.Slow Patch World Boss HP

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  • 5.Slow Patch World Boss HP

    So I have read that the powers that be claim World Boss is at its max HP. Well the fact that gold is harder to get the Kyanite these days I bring fourth the IDEA BRING BACK Ragnoch the one you took away a while back the 1600-1700 spot. That would really help diffuse the situation of the lack there of gold.

    When then push everyone to holy forge their gear or make the red armor like I am gold is rare an hard to come by..... You might say Plunders well how does that help when NO one has any gold? It doesnt. So what do you say R2 an developers bring it back there is more of a reason to have it than not to have it. we cant get enough gold in a day to do the events..... holy forge 1000 times...I spent personally last night 200 million gold to go from holy forge Level 3 grade 4 to level 5 grade 8. for a total of 100 times. Now 200 mil for 100 times so that means 1 billion for 1000 times thats not eve possible to get that much gold even between events. So please Bring back the middle world boss.

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    or they could change wb so its got unlimited health lasts the full event make as much gold as u can during the time frame


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      The WB have only 3 mins. for dead and even I can't get 1Mill gold from him...


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        Frankly, I think that's how R2 roll. They don't want players (normal ones) to get all the rewards so they make things "cheap" when handing out rewards to the players.
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          This is becoming a big problem.
          With people's BR(MATK/PATK) increasing all the time everyone is obviously doing more damage then before.
          This in turn means that the current MAX limit set for the boss HP is becoming less and less viable.
          There are three very good options
          1. Increase the MAX HP
          2. Bring back Ragnoch
          3. Set a time limit with unlimited HP (10-15 mins would be nice)

          I'm sure people will come up with other ideas but something needs to be done because,as already stated, the amount of gold needed is increasing all the time.


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            option 3 is the best i think, i dont mind doing 15m wb if it gives me a lot of gold.

            have done 3x 50 holy force, can make 2 pieces of read gear, but dont have the gold, maybe tomorrow one time 50x holy force,

            im forced to do DI and BI, Wilds, but i hate those part of the game, but i need the gold.
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              Time limit would work the best. This way it won't feel like stealing when you fast revive or buy stat boost


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                I'd love to see Ragnoch brought back - especially since 16:00 - 17:00 is a dead time as it is.

                But really, I think we just need the max-hp of the WB to keep going up so long as it dies before 15m is up. Just keep up a HP increment of 50% each time it died < 15m, and drop it back if it lives > 30m. The current cap is fairly silly given some WBs don't even go more than 2-3 attack sequences anymore.


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                  During forge event lucky to get 2 rounds in a WB, blink and it's done. Really with all the player ATK increases over the past months they should have upgraded the HP by a large amount, but it took them long enough to do it last time, so it'll take just as long to get it this time.


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                    support the time-limit WB. capping the HP isn't a good method to begin with. new servers could hardly kill the minimum wb, while old servers could hardly get 2 rounds of wb. it also saves time & makes wb more deterministic. 15 minute of wb each day is good for everyone